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4 Stars from the Irish Times

The Irish Times Reviews In My Dreams
By Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times


Yet another smart singer-songwriter from Canada, Mo Kenney released her self-titled debut a few years ago, and the concerns that her follow-up might soften her edges slip away a few songs in.

A singer-songwriter unafraid to shred guitars, Kenney delivers a raucous 30-plus minutes.

When there aren’t F-bombs being flung about on Take me Outside and Telephones, there are words of lacerating truth (‘I’m not sorry that it hurt when I took your heart apart – because I liked it’, I Faked It) and heartfelt, if fatalistic resignation (‘If happiness should fade, I had it once and that’s enough’, Wind Will Blow).

Balancing folksiness and metallic edges with instinctual melodic power pop, Kenney strikes a blow for variation throughout. Folk, pop, scuzzy rock – she is clearly poised and ready to pounce.

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