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Canadian Beats reviews The Details

By Gary Preston, Canadian Beats

Nova Scotia’s award-winning artist Mo Kenney releases her third album, The Details hot on the heels of recent single Maybe I am. The 14-track album features the recent single ‘Unglued’ and Canadian Beats think it’s something of a masterpiece!

Since breaking onto the scene back in 2013, Kenney is no stranger to plaudits, but even at first listen this is a beautiful and gritty album, with so many contrasts. Beautifully written songs, authentic playing and a really sweet production that allows the vocals, and the retro guitar sounds to ring true.

There’s a definite progression in Kenney’s songwriting prowess. Vulnerable, honest, sad; charting the pitfalls of 21st-century relationships. Each song hangs together with a bittersweet and dark humour in a style that she is making all her own. It’s hard to pin her down; she is slowly carving out her own niche as an East Coast Elvis Costello. Ups, downs, highs, lows, The Details charts her personal path in what feels like a therapeutic release.

After the LP’s ‘Cats not a cake’ quirky but meaningful intro, she launches headfirst into guitar heavy ‘On The Roof’. It sets the tone and leaves you wanting more. ‘Maybe I am’ with its chord heavy opening evokes a west coast surf vibe…Weezer meets Alvvays with an awesome guitar solo, before moving into the interlude of ‘Counting’. [READ MORE]

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