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CBC First Play Live: The Details

By Holly Gordon, CBC Music

It was a stormy day in Riverport, N.S., when Mo Kenney and her band set up at the Old Confidence Lodge for her First Play Live session in August — but that didn’t keep anyone away from the Lunenburg County recording studio that sits more than an hour outside of Halifax.

Usually a three-piece — bass, drums and Kenney with her guitar — the setup for this newly released album, The Details, requires space for four. That’s because Kenney’s first concept record (and third full-length) has “so much guitar stuff going on,” the singer explains.

“Before [acoustic guitar] I played in bands and stuff all the time, and usually I exclusively played electric guitar. So I’ve just been sort of leaning back toward that avenue,” Kenney says.

The followup to 2014’s Juno-nominated In my Dreams, The Details is Kenney’s first co-production credit (with Joel Plaskett), and is a louder, deeply personal collection. [READ MORE]

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