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Mo Kenney, creating a buzz

Rising talent Mo Kenney will be a special guest of Joel Plaskett at Sept. 29 season opener for the Cochrane Valley Folk Club. Her debut self-titled album was just released a few days ago and she’s making her first swing through the West. We had a chance to pop her a few questions in an email interview.

Q. You must be excited to release your debut album. How long were you developing material for the album and what was the breakthrough to make it possible to get into the studio?

I am very excited to release my album, I feel like I have been waiting to record an album for a lifetime. I’ve been writing material for this album unknowingly since I wrote “Eden” when I was around 16. The album is a collection of songs I have been writing from then, up until now.

Q. How did you cross paths with Joel and how did it lead to his involvement with your debut album?

I first met Joel when I was 17. He had come in to listen to some demos that a few local bands had made at a make-shift recording studio in Halifax. I was one of the artists. Three years later I got a call from Joel’s manager inviting me to the Gordie Sampson Songwriting Camp. I had gotten in because Joel remembered my name after three years! That was pretty cool. After the camp we hooked up and talked about him producing my album.

Q. How much of an impact did he have on the finished product?

Before Joel and I even began recording we sat down and discussed production and arrangements. I would say Joel had a pretty big impact on the finished product. It was a collaborative effort on the production side of things.

Q. I see you co-wrote two of the albums songs with Joel. Are the rest your original compositions or did you have other writing partners?

Besides the Bowie cover on the album, the rest of the songs are original compositions. I often co-write though, maybe more writers will make it on to my next album.

I am curious as to who were your earliest influences and if they have changed much over the years.

My earliest influences in music would probably be Elliott Smith and Sigur Ros. I fell in love with their music when I was a teenager and I still love it to this day. I would say that they are both still influences.

Q. Is this your first Western swing?

It is. I have never been out West before and I’m really excited to come play!

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