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So I have returned in one piece from my first ecma experience. My recovery will be ongoing.

I have never really spent very much time in charlottetown, so I’m glad to have had that opportunity. It seems to be a lot like Halifax although, I kind of felt like I was on a movie set sometimes.

I managed to play at least once everyday I was there which was shweet. I caught a lot of great performances too. The amount of music is almost overwhelming; its everywhere!
The Back Alley Record Store was a really neat venue to play. Everyone was all crowded into this tiny back room and it made for really intimate performances. No one was using a mic either, and I liked that.

Going to these types of events really makes me love the east coast. Everyone is so fuckin awesome and friendly.

Can’t wait to go back again. Congrats to everyone who won awards!

Its good to be a musician.

Love Mo

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