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Happy Mag: A chat with Mo Kenney, one of Canada’s finest artists performing at Australian Music Week

By Happy Mag

It’s always a special feeling seeing a touring act play a bar when you know they’re packing out 1000 plus capacity venues back in their home country. This will the case for Mo Kenney, who is set to duck into Sydney to showcase her talents this week.

Her third album The Details traces the highs and lows of her life to date, from the booze-riddled late nights to the broken relationship. It’s transparent and beguiling songwriting at its best; safe to say even newcomers to Kenney’s sound will be holding back tears during her performance.

Before she checks into Australian Music Week’s Made In Canada Showcase, we took five for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey Mo, how are you? What have you been up to since releasing The Details last year?

MO KENNEY: Hello! I’m doing well, thanks. Since I released The Details last year I’ve been doing a lot of touring. Lately I’ve been working on some new music, trying to get some songs written in between tours.

HAPPY: This album is quite personal in nature. Do you feel like you invite strangers in to listen to intimate details about yourself, or is music just another way of creating art that draws from different areas of your life? [READ MORE]

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