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05. Mo Kenney – The Details

Sehr persönlich, streckenweise auch sehr beunruhigend: Mo Kenney ging uns mit ihrem düsteren Machwerk direkt unter die Haut.

One Stop Record Shop Premieres “On The Roof” [VIDEO]

By Danielle De Wolfe, One Stop Record Shop

As far as Canadian exports go, Mo Kenney is up there with this year’s most exciting.

Gone are the days that saw the nation pigeonholed as a folk factory, whose peripheries were lined with the likes of Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. Now filled with an exciting new breed of genre defying musician, glimpses of psychedelic pop can be found intertwining with heavy flecks of punk rock.

Needless to say, it’s artists like Mo Kenney who are making their mark on both sides of the Atlantic. Fresh cut “On The Roof” melds buoyant, anthemic choruses with surging guitar lines to create a slick and wholly satisfying offering. Accompanied by a gritty and monochromatic visual, this premiere harbours a feisty, rebellious streak, standing its ground and invoking the essence of greats like Joan Jett and The Runaways.

“I began writing “On The Roof” during a solo tour in the US,” notes Kenney. “I had a day off in Syracuse, NY, and wrote the chorus for the song that day. [READ MORE]

Check out “On The Roof” below, alongside a host of upcoming UK tour dates throughout February.

Saturday 3rd Feb: Inverness Tooth & Claw
Sunday 4th Feb: Aberdeen Lemon Tree Studio
Tuesday 6th Feb: Sheffield Cafe No.9
Wednesday 7th Feb: London Green Note
Thursday 8th Feb: Preston The Continental
Saturday 10th Feb: Exeter Phoenix
Sunday 11th Feb: Manchester The Castle

Brigitte: “Die Dunkle Jahreszeit der Seele”

By Brigitte

The Details

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1. Cat’s Not A Cake
2. On The Roof
3. Details
4. June 3rd
5. Maybe I Am
6. Counting
7. Out The Window
8. If You’re Not Dead
9. Unglued
10. I Can’t Wait
11. Video Game Music
12. Lights Out
13. Punchy
14. Feelin’ Good

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With her third album, The Details, Mo Kenney traces her own strange, devastating, and ultimately hopeful trip through the trials and tribulations of booze-fuelled breakdowns, clouds of depression, and disintegrating relationships. On each of its 14 tracks, she unflinchingly confronts her annihilation and eventual redemption, leaving nothing out. The concept album is her most personal and cohesive work to date—combining elements of bruising rock ’n’ roll, vivid psychedelia, and haunting, left-of-the-dial pop, Kenney navigates the darkest waters in her life with self-deprecation, genuine soul-baring, and typical black humour. It opens with a calm before the storm as the eerie sadness of “Cat’s Not a Cake”—about splitting a beloved pet in half as a relationship falls apart—provides a deceptively gentle beginning to a ride that swiftly steers into self-destruction.

Following up with the off-the-rails overdrive of “On The Roof,” The Details explodes out of the gate, finding Kenney unable to escape the dangerous spiral she finds herself in. Before and during writing the album, Kenney was en route to rock bottom: depressed with dark blues and drinking like a fish, unable to hold herself or her relationships together, alienating the people she loves, and living hell-bent on oblivion. She comes to terms with her own toxic behaviour while channeling the late Elliott Smith through spectral atmospheres on “June 3rd.” With “Maybe I Am”—a reverb-soaked tune that turns to punchy guitar riffs—she realizes in the midst of trying to hook up with someone that she can’t interact with humans properly. The hazy, laid back calm of “Counting” finds her worried she’s fallen so far into despair that she’s losing her mind. And the vicious, rollicking “If You’re Not Dead” shows her playing warped mind games over feral guitar solos and biting hooks.

Somewhere along the way, Kenney finds herself dazed and broken in a place that not many people find their way back from. “Unglued,” with its breezy sway, is likely the most summery song put to tape about being fed up with your own messy self. “I Can’t Wait” recalls the gauzy dreamscapes of Yo La Tengo with a hushed and grateful understanding that as bad as things are, it’s not the end of the world. But it’s not necessarily smooth sailing from there, as Kenney struggles to stay optimistic with “Lights Out,” and sings about getting clocked in the face at a bar by some meathead during “Punchy.” Still, she can’t help but find the hilarity in getting slugged, slyly laughing through her bloody teeth the whole time.

Finally, she arrives in less troubled seas, closing softly on the sparse, clear-minded “Feelin’ Good.” The storms weathered to get there may be the kind that leave lasting scars (or at least a few post-bar stitches), but with clear skies on the horizon, Kenney wears those scars as a reminder of what she’s been through, and the kind of seasons in hell she’s capable of enduring. Her latest is a record of all those storms and the routes and detours and trials of pushing through them while keeping her sense of humour gracefully intact. By turns rowdy, reflective, brave, funny, and deeply honest, it signals an already accomplished songwriter coming fully and completely into her own as an artist. Produced by Mo Kenney and Joel Plaskett, The Details vividly documents Kenney’s fight to survive her own worst enemy—herself.

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May 26th, 2018
Union Street Cafe & The Wick Pub
Berwick,, NS
8:00 PM
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June 16th, 2018
Canning, NS
7:00 PM
For Tickets:
Phone: 902-692-1662 or [email protected]
June 23rd, 2018
Friendship Park
Saskatoon, SK
Saskatoon Pride Festival - Loud & Proud Main Stage
3:00 PM
Mo Kenney with Anna Haverstock
June 26th, 2018
The Aviary
Edmonton, AB
7:00 PM
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June 28th, 2018
Commonwealth Bar & Stage
Calgary, AB
8:00 PM
18+ Show
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June 30th, 2018
Truro Civic Square
Truro, NS
7:00 PM
Mo Kenney with Alert The Medic and Joel Plaskett Emergency
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July 6th, 2018
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Workshop - - 1974 Albums
11:30 AM
Spruce Hollow
Micah Erenberg, Mick Flannery, Mo Kenney, Harrow Fair, and We Banjo 3
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July 7th, 2018
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Winnipeg, Manitoba
11:30 AM
Spruce Hollow
Mo Kenney, Gaelynn Lea , Jadea Kelly, and Lanikai
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July 8th, 2018
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Workshop - Singer Songwriter
11:30 AM
Green Ash
Mappe Of, Gabrielle Shonk, Mo Kenney, Mick Flannery, and Matt Holubowski
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July 8th, 2018
Winnipeg Folk Festival
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Little Stage - Performance
4:30 PM
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July 12th, 2018
Brasserie Beaubien Ltee
Montreal, QC
9:00 PM
18+ Show
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August 1st, 2018
Frolic'n Folk Pub and Grill
Iona, NS
8:00 PM
19+ Show
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August 25th, 2018
Jackson-Triggs Amphitheatre
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
(Sold Out Show) Supporting Joel Plaskett Emergency
8:00 PM
19+ Show
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