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New Canadian Music Review

East Coast music fans have been excited about the great potential of this 22 year-old songstress for a couple of years. The rest of Canada can now catch-up with the release of this highly-anticipated and seriously compelling debut album. Maritime rock hero Joel Plaskett produced, and he helps add a rockier edge to material Kenney describes as “pop music with a folky twist”. Kenney and Plaskett are alone together in the studio and co-wrote a couple of the album’s highlights–the passionate “Scene of the Crime” and stirring “Deja vu” about a breakup that includes the memorable lines “gonna take a train wreck, bounce it like a bad cheque”. Her solo compositions, such as “Sucker” and “The Great Escape”, are just as striking, blending humour and heartfelt emotion with a riveting vocal delivery. Kenney’s take on Bowie’s “Five Years” is the album’s sole cover and it’s a knockout. Now on tour with Plaskett, you can find her tour dates by linking here.

by Noah Siegel

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