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New Sweater

Did you have a nice Valentines Day?? My mom bought me chocolates and I ate every single damn one of them. Then I watched Gone With the Wind. I love that movie. Anyway, I hope yours was better..
I’m going to be doing some songwriting over the next three days, starting tomorrow!! It’ll be nice to get on the go with some co-writing again! Maybe I’ll have some new tunes after it’s all done.
No date set for album release yet, but I’ll have one for you soon! We’re on the home stretch!
I just wanted to say hello really. I hope the transit strike isn’t affecting you too adversely. I also hope you’re not taking Whitney Houston’s passing too terribly. Or Wheels from the original Degrassi. Although I guess he’s been dead for 5 years and no one even knew!!
I have to end with something happy now, because I can’t send you away with those bad things to think about.
I got this sweater at Value Village for only ten dollars:

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