Songcamp is over …


I’m back from Songcamp and I can’t believe it’s over already. I have to wait another year now to go back. I’m exhausted though so I think it’s for the best. I met a lot of new songwriters this year and reconnected with the ones I met last year, it felt good to be back. I co-wrote on about 7 songs and am hoping to use at least one on the album!

Next stop is New Brunswick for another songwriting getaway at Babette Hayward’s cottage! Should be good, I’ll be in touch.

I hope you’re doin well.

Love mo

Shows & Shows!

I was in Antigonish this Sunday afternoon playing at Evolve! I didn’t stay overnight at all but the short amount of time I spent there was awesome. The weather wasn’t ideal but everyone was still smiling! Thankfully my set was in a big tent so no one got wet watching me play. Thanks to everyone who was there watching, you were a lovely audience to entertain. I’m thinking that maybe next year I’ll stay a little longer; I don’t think I got the full effect on Sunday.

I’m playing a house concert on the 29th in my hometown then it’s off to Ingonish for the second annual songcamp! Can’t wait to see everyone and do some major co-writing. I’ll let you know all about it when I arrive back at home on August 5th!
Hope the “summer” is treating you all well.
Love Mo

Stan Rogers Folk Festival


I took a trip up to Canso this weekend to play at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival! I’ve never been to Canso or the festival before so I had no idea what to expect. The weather ended up being beautiful for the whole weekend and that made the driving a breeze. I played once on Saturday and once on Sunday and everyone was really great. If you’ve never been to the festival I highly recommend it! There’s great music, great food and amazing people. I’m hoping to make myself a regular there.

A few weeks ago I got together with Steve MacDougall of Slowcoaster and had a little songwriting session which went very well. I’m getting together with Carleton Stone this week to do the same. Also, EVOLVE is coming up and I’m interested to find out what it’s like. There’s another festival to cross of my list.

Joel and I are still hammering away at this E.P.! Can’t wait to release it.

Hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend

Love Mo

Carnivore ft. Rachel Sermanni

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