Strange Times

These are strange times. The weather is such a pain in the ass. Today I finally got more windshield washer fluid put into my car. I felt it necessary to ask the lady who worked at the GAS STATION if she knew how to fill it. My logic was, ” Well if I don’t know how to do it, maybe she doesn’t either.” I think she may have been mildly offended. Anyway, it’s nice to have a clean windshield once again. It’s a must these days because mud is always appearing on it. Where this mud comes from is just as much of a mystery as where the damn washer fluid goes.

I am excited to start recording. It’s really nice to listen to something you’ve created for the first time all put together.

If I slip and fall on my driveway again tomorrow there will be outrage!!


Sad Clown

I can’t stop thinking about sad clown. I want to know when he was put there! He boggles my mind. His eyes are all rusty and I feel kind of bad, but I know he can’t feel it.

Today felt like summer and I don’t know why because it was the coldest day of the year. Must have been the sun, it’s such a tease you know. On my way home I listened to songs that I would listen to if it were summer and pretended it was, kind of. Just kind of because it was hard to do with all the snow still on the ground, AND my face was really dry – my face is never dry in the summer I have ra ra Rasputin stuck in my head, this is the third day. I want to say it out loud but if anyone heard me, my face would turn red and there’s nothing worse than that!.

Hello my name is Mo.

Carnivore ft. Rachel Sermanni

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