Grayowl Point includes “If You’re Not Dead” in their Audible/Visual Hoots

By Grayowl Point

We love Mo Kenney and are buzzing with excitement for her long awaited new album coming out this Fall. “If You’re Not Dead” is a track about trying to figure out what you want which yeah, sometimes causes a path of destruction in your wake. There’s a sting to this upbeat sounding song (“If you’re not dead then get out of my bed,” Kenney repeats in the chorus) but not as bad as that from the brilliant “I Faked It” from Kenney’s previous record In My Dreams. Here we know that things will make sense eventually, just give it some time. – LS [READ MORE]

The Line of Best Fit: Mo Kenney dazzles on “Out The Window”

By The Line of Best Fit

Photo: Matt Williams

Photo: Matt Williams

Juno-nominated singer/songwriter Mo Kenney has dropped the cathartic “Out The Window” as she gears up for UK shows this coming weekend at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival.

The song was written when 26-year-old Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-born Kenney was in a reflective mood. “A lot of things I’d been avoiding dealing with came to a head and I needed to get it down on paper,” she tells us. “I was doing a lot of drinking/ avoiding feelings, and as a result it was impacting all of my personal relationships negatively. Good times!”

Kenney’s third album The Details follows her self titled debut from 2012, and 2014’s In My Dreams and is set for a release in the UK later this year.

Kenney plays three shows in Brighton this week – at the Marlborough Pub and Theatre (18 May), Green Door Store (19 May) and The Brighthelm Centre (20 May).

The Guardian: Mo Kenney had ’em rockin’ at The Mack in Charlottetown

Kenney’s 2014 album “In My Dreams” has garnered a ton of award recognition

Mo Kenney, right, performs with some members of her backing band at The Mack on Saturday, April 1.

Mo Kenney, right, performs with some members of her backing band at The Mack on Saturday, April 1.

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Last weekend the stage at The Mack theatre was graced by Juno Award nominee and multiple ECMA winner, Mo Kenney.

An almost full house gathered to take in the first performance on P.E.I. by the Halifax singer/songwriter since August of 2014, when she opened for Joel Plaskett during the P.E.I. Jazz & Blues Festival.

Since then, quite a lot has developed for the young and rising star, who’s been playing since the age of 11 and whom Plaskett took under his wing seven years ago to help along as her career was just budding.

As Kenney’s 2014 album “In My Dreams” has garnered a ton of award recognition – including ECMA pop recording of the year, the CBC Shortlist Award nomination for best song/earworm of the year and a Juno nomination for adult alternative album of the year – she has continued to reach more and more ears with her brand of adult alternative folk/pop gems, not just here in the Maritimes but across Canada and beyond.

And last Saturday, an audience full of Kenney fans was given the live experience of the songs from her first two records, along with sneak peeks of new material that will be on her new recording due out later this year.

“Hello! Thanks for coming,” Kenney greeted the crowd when the show began at 7:30 p.m., and wasted no time waltzing right into her first big hit, “Sucker”.

“Hey, I’m a sucker for your face,” she sang, her bright voice filling the theatre with the song’s melodic hooks, while her acoustic guitar rang out in its plucked strings, over the tight rhythmic groove laid down by her backing band.

Continuing with songs like “Dancing”, “Mountains to the Mess” and another one of her big recent hits, “I Faked It” (which won first place in the 2015 U.S.A. Songwriting Competition’s folk category), Kenney soon laid down her acoustic and replaced it with a mint-green ’65 Fender Mustang in her hands, getting things a little more rocking.

For example, her next tune in the set, “Take Me Outside”, I realized seemed almost reminiscent of Halifax Pop Explosion era four-chord alternative pop, circa 1995, which was certainly enhanced by the live intensity brought by Kenney and her three-piece backing band of drums, bass and electric guitar. And the hit song “Telephones” (which won an ECMA Award for video of the year) may have been written by the Cape Breton band Mardeen, but it was delivered with punchy gusto on that stage by Kenney.

After the big first set finale of “Déjà Vu”, her second set began with an intimate solo acoustic performance of “In My Dreams” and “The Happy Song”, as the band then joined in for that aforementioned sneak peek of new tunes from her upcoming album release. [READ MORE]

Watch Magazine chats with Mo

By Emily Jocks, Watch Magazine


Friday night, local singer-songwriter Mo Kenney performed alongside Symphony Nova Scotia as part of the Halifax Pop Explosion festival, resulting in a spectacular show. The combination of her honest, powerful lyrics and warm voice with the vibrancy of the orchestra left the audience with a unique experience and wanting more.

Ahead of her Oct. 21 performance with Symphony NS, Kenney spoke with the Watch to discuss her preparation leading up to it, which actually began months before last night.

“There is a lot of preparation that goes into it because you have to get someone to chart your songs for you, so they can actually play it with you,” Kenney stated. “There’s a bunch of rehearsals that have to happen before the actual show and it’s just like a completely different experience even than, like, playing a band.” [READ MORE]


By BGS Staff, The Bluegrass Situation

Your house is burning down and you can grab only one thing — what would you save?
I’d save my acoustic guitar. It’s a 1930s Hensel parlor … I’d be devastated to lose it.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
I’d be a hermit/carpenter and I would be living in the woods somewhere alone. If I could be an Olympic tree climber, that would be neat, too.

If a song started playing every time you entered the room, what would you want it to be?
“Gangsters Paradise”


EXCLUSIVE: Singer-Songwriter Mo Kenney Talks With Elmore Magazine About Her Award-Winning Track “Sucker”

“Beyond the beauty of the song, Kenney is almost relaxing to watch–eyes closed, fingers gentle on the strings, with an ease and graceful air about her.” [READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE]

Stream Mo Kenney In My Dreams (Stereogum Premiere)

imdBy Sadie Bell, Stereogum

Canadian singer-songwriter Mo Kenney is set to release her sophomore album In My Dreams in the US this week. The album was released in Canada in 2014 and earned Kenney a Juno nomination for Best Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

Kenney has created a polished work that looks inward for inspiration. In My Dreams is made up of introspective narratives composed in thoughtful, alternately playful and cynical lyrics, conveyed melodically through her sultry alto voice. Songs like “Faked It” tell honest stories about destructive, failed relationships with snarky lyrics such as, “When I said it was forever, I was lying through my teeth.” Throughout the album a dizzying, powerful classic rock guitar sound draws you into Kenney’s magnetism. In songs like “Mountains To The Mess” and “Untouchable,” as Kenney’s voice commands the track, the sound of a blues-influenced electric guitar sweeps the song into the realm of ’60s classic rock.

Here’s some background on the album from Kenney:

Hi, this is my second album. Overall the album is a lot different from my debut, it feels more grown up and closer to what I want to say as an artist. I find it easier to look inward for inspiration, so most of my songs tend to be pretty personal. I think I’m revealing more about myself in my writing all the time. I’m trying to connect with people through my own experiences, I just hope that other people can relate to what I’m saying. “In My Dreams” is a snapshot of the two and a half year period it took to write it. Full of relationship drama and a lot of self-reflection.

With her playful lyricism entrenched in intricate guitar work, Kenney has crafted an alluring album of the singer-songwriter variety. Listen here via Stereogum.

Under the Radar Premiere “Take Me Outside” – In My Dreams US Release April 29


By Joshua M. Miller, Under The Radar
Photo by Matt Williams

Later this month, 25-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Mo Kenney will re-release her sophomore album In My Dreams in the US. It was originally released in Canada in 2014 and was nominated for a Juno Award. Today, we’re premiering her latest single “Take Me Outside.”

The song – and album as a whole – draws from Kenney’s newfound confidence to be fully honest and not hold any of her feelings back in her lyrics. In the song, she sings about the pressures of life getting to her, even singing “take me outside and blow my fucking head off,” and musing that she “won’t last a year if I’m alone out here.”

Kenney had the following to say about her long journey to record the song: Read More

Interview and Performance: Mo Kenney at the New Revival Coffeehouse – April 2, 2016

Ralph DeFlorio interviews Mo Kenney at her performance at the New Revival Coffeehouse:

Check out the full performance here:

Mo Kenney honoured to be JUNO-nominated alongside friend and collaborator Joel Plaskett

By Michael Grondin, Beatroute

The bouncy and brutally honest folk songs of Mo Kenney have established her as a young musical icon in Canada, and this maritime singer-songwriter from Dartmouth, NS has just been nominated for a JUNO for her 2014 album In My Dreams.

“It’s really surreal,” she says with a laugh, “it’s great to be recognized. When I started making music, I definitely wasn’t thinking about winning awards, I wanted to do something I enjoyed while also being successful.” In My Dreams is a masterfully balanced 10-song album — a follow up to her critically acclaimed self-titled debut release in 2012. In My Dreams sees Kenney exploring themes of heartache and heartbreak, but also a few new beginnings. The album’s release has definitely fulfilled Kenney’s ancillary goal of “also being successful,” having led to numerous awards including being hailed as among the “Best of Halifax” by the city’s street mag The Coast, as well as high praise from the East Coast Music Association among others. Read More