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Halifax-based singer-songwriter Mo Kenney is coming west for the first time.

The 22-year-old artist will tour Western Canada, playing nine shows in 10 days, with veteran musician Joel Plaskett. On Sunday (Sept. 23), they play two shows at Communitea Café, at 7 and 10:30 p.m.

Kenney, fresh on the heels of recording her first, self-titled album, spoke with the Outlook last week.

“I started working with Joel on this album last year in April, and we finished it a couple months ago. I’ve just been playing this summer and now I’m getting ready to head out on my first tour out west,” she said excitedly.

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Nova Scotia’s Mo Kenney comes to Nelson

Mo Kenney is a young Nova Scotia-born singer/songwriter who will be making her way to Nelson with indie rocker Joel Plaskett on September 20 at the Capitol Theatre. Before she arrived, I caught up with her for an interview.

Q. What was the first concert you remember seeing?

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The Broken Speaker 7″ single review

“Kenney, 21, was first on Plaskett’s radar as a 17-year-old when she was recording at a small studio at Shambhala school in Halifax. It may be shocking to learn she wrote “Eden” when she was 16. The song is simple, but remains interesting as a story full of dreams and promise is told with lots of heart. The second track “The Great Escape” sounds more mature, the boredom of life and the need for an escape sinking in. Kenney’s voice carries more weight and confidence on the track. Halfway through the song, percussion and electric guitars unexpectedly drop in, adding a dose of urgency that contrasts the dreamy sound of the A-side.”

by Jonathan Briggins “You can hear the talent Mo possesses”

Anyone that‚ ever had the chance to talk music with Dartmouth‚ patron saint of rock n’ roll knows how much music‚ the process, the creation, the curation, and the collection‚ means to Joel. It was with that in mind that Plaskett launched a series of 45s recorded at Scotland Yard with a collection featuring artists he hand picked. Read More

East Coast Countdown Live

Jimmie Inch hosts an online video program called East Coast Countdown Live and was on-site at ECMA to capture some great footage. Watch Jimmie’s interview with Mo, and her acoustic performance of “The Happy Song” here:

Mo Kenney in Mix Tape

Journalism student Chelcie Soroka interviewed Mo over breakfast back in February for the online magazine, Mix Tape. You can take a look at the magazine here:

The Music Nerd Chronicles (Moncton) Live review

“Halifax singer Mo Kenney got the evening off to a marvelous start. What she might have lacked in stage presence she more than made up for with a truly remarkable voice. Sharing with the audience that she is currently working on her full-length record with Haligonian Joel Plaskett, you should really expect to see big things from Kenney in the future. It‚Äôs not every day that you see an opening act receive a standing ovation however Kenney‚Äôs rousing set-closing take on David Bowie‚Äôs song Five Years earned her that standing ovation with flying colours.” – by Ken Kelley

The Chronicle Herald (Halifax) Live Review

“The audience also sent out lots of love to opener Mo Kenney. The 21-year-old Waverley native was a huge hit with her half-hour set, ranging from The Happy Song to Sucker, which, as she explained to enthusiastic laughter, was so named because, in her experience, love generally sucked.

Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, Kenney told the crowd she’s working on her first album, being produced by Joel Plaskett.

Kenney did an excellent cover of David Bowie‚Äôs Five Years and also played her song, Eden, which won last year‚Äôs 10 x 10 contest at the Atlantic Film Festival. The contest pairs filmmakers and songwriters to create a video.” – by Stephen Cooke

The Scene Magazine (St. John’s) Live Review

“As the audience started settling, Mo Kenney took to the stage. After her first note the room was pinched as everyone narrowed in on someone that was not to be missed. She featured beautiful melodies crafted to a voice like a boomerang. Her dynamically vast range left those in attendance speechless.

A highlight was Kenney ºs song ‚ÄúScene of the Crime‚Äù which showcased the depth of her voice and writing. She lastly hit the crowd with a cover of David Bowie ºs ‚ÄúFive Years‚Äù and the roars grew high in satisfaction. As Mo left the stage, and busy chatter arose, a blissful anticipation grew for what was to come.” – The Scene


“We all loved Mo. She’s the‚ real deal‚ hope to do more work with her.” – Ron Sexsmith

“Mo’s voice is silky smooth, her lyrics are smart, she has wonderfully inventive, memorable melodies, and an understated yet commanding stage presence. Check her out, folks – she will not disappoint!” – Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies

“She seems perfectly content to be what she is and to sing about what she knows. This is what makes her and her songs so appealing.” – Ellen Reid, Crash Test Dummies

“I’m on the road over 220 days a year and see a lot of openers and I was gobsmacked. She was stunning. The room was hushed and everyone was engaged and listening. I can’t wait to watch her develop. She’s the real deal.” – Steve Poltz

“Special mention goes to one of my favourite emerging performers in the Songcamp crowd, elfin songstress Mo Kenney, who is able to create a special mental picture and atmosphere with every song, and whose upcoming CD produced by Joel Plaskett is bound to be something special.” – Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald