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Roots and Branches reviews The Details

By Mike Davies, Roots and Branches

Tagged as Canada’s answer to Lorde or Lana Del Ray, Kenney delivers a concept album that journeys from a recent bout of depression, self-destructive alienation and oblivion to confrontation and redemption. It starts off with Cats Not A Cake, a short sparse number about contemplating the end of a relationship and what happens to the shared cat. Then things crank up as it launches into On The Roof, a barrage of angular indie riffery that suggests a less intense and experimental Throwing Muses or Belly filtered through nuts and bolts garage. Following the title track one of three tracks clocking in under 60 seconds, June 3rd slows it down for an Elliott Smith influenced track build on a bedrock of keyboards as she faces up to her behaviour (“I’m such a liar, I’m such a cheat”), Maybe I Am shifting to a dreamier sound, albeit till with those snappy electric guitar riffs, while Out Of The Window is a floaty, ethereal ballad, a distinct contrast to the following feral mid-tempo rock of If You’re Not Dead where she kicks some unwanted lover out of her bed. [READ MORE]

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