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Shout out from Quick Before It Melts

J. talks about Mo’s new release on his blog, Quick Before It Melts.

Last month when I looked at New Scotland Records 7″ single series, 22 year old Mo Kenney was a clear stand out, and a name I had filed away in the back of my head to keep track of in the coming months. Turns out, it wasn’t going to take that long to hear what she’s got planned next. Kenney recently announced she’ll be releasing her debut, self-titled album on New Scotland Records and Pheromone Recordings on September 25. There’s an incredible weight to Keneny’s voice, almost a world-weariness that you don’t expect in someone so young. Nowadays, that’s sort of becoming a cliche thanks in part to people like Adele, who, if their lyrics are anything to go by, have experienced enough suffering and heartache in their brief existence to last them five lifetimes over. The difference with Kenney is that she’s not overly emotive. She’s keeping something back, something personal maybe, a part of herself that she doesn’t want to give away just yet, if ever. That’s mysterious, alluring, and refreshing, too.

Mo Kenney is produced by New Scotland Records founder Joel Plaskett, who Kenney will be supporting on tour in the west this fall.

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