The Great Escape

I have changed my mind
I think that life is boring
and I don’t suppose
you’d wanna take me away
close your eyes
until the early morning
and then when we wake
we’ll make our great escape

I see rings of light
I think the sky is falling
it’s a beautiful day
to be so far away
in the night we’ll
set the world on fire
you’re afraid of the dark
and I am just afraid

your name is called
and I can hear you waiting
for a hole in the wall
where you can spend your time
they’ll offer a hand
and drag you farther under
you’re afraid of the dark
cause you’re afraid to die

they’ll fill you up
until you’re fat and greedy
I expected more
but really what can I say
the only truth to what
the preacher’s selling
is the fear that keeps you
coming back every day

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