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I’m typing to you live from Waverley where I am recovering from 90’s night at Gus’s Pub.

Tomorrow I am on the road again with Joel and The Emergency!! Come see me at the shows and we can be friends. Just played a few dates last week with Royal Wood. Met some great peeps and played in St. John, NB for the first time ever. I am actually back there tomorrow with Joel, twice in one week!

Iceland was amazing, by the way. Iceland Airwaves is an incredible festival with even more incredible acts. I bought a lot of cd’s there. If you ever get the chance to go to that festival you must!! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to explore at all, there was hurricane force winds the whole time I was there. The only time it wasn’t crazy windy was the day we had to fly home to Halifax. I am really looking forward to playing some more in Europe.

Hope you’re well

Love moo

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