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I bought Mo Kenney’s debut album the day it released on iTunes. I couldn’t hold in my excitement or desire anymore – I had been longing for it since I heard her perform at NXNE this past summer, and when the day arrived, I was already on my phone, scrolling through iTunes with my credit card in hand.
The album, self-titled, has 10 songs, most of which I’ve heard her play (and spent hours searching on YouTube for) before. It opened with “Eden,” perhaps Mo Kenney’s first claim to fame – the video for this song won the 10×10 video contest at the Atlantic Film Festival and gave Kenney her start.
My favourite, of course, was “Sucker,” professionally recorded this time around, with some nice beats in the background and lovely echoes that just added to the total perfection of this song.
(“The Happy Song” is a lovely song on there too – also perfect. Whatever you’re doing, Mo and Joel Plaskett, just don’t stop.)
The two songs featured on her 7-inch EP record, “The Great Escape,” and “Eden” are also on the album, as well as her other well-known single – “The Scene of the Crime.”
It’s beautiful. It really is. It’s artistically arranged, with the songs flowing into each other, and the music itself is composed skillfully and elegantly; each beat a careful hum, each continuous note an ode to itself and the album as whole.
Her voice is smooth and steady; (surely she could chat anybody up with her fluid delivery) her guitar playing is gorgeous; it’s like she has almost some sort of aura that draws us all to her soft songs and her quiet lyrics.
Though I couldn’t go to her CD release show on October 15th, she’ll be having more shows around Canada and will be performing at the Iceland Airwaves Festival in Reykjavik, and her next release will be on Wednesday, October 24th at The Seahorse in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Just buy the album. It’ll be the best thing you buy this month, promise.

by Sofia Mikhaylova, The Scene Magazine

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