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VIA The Blog: Guide to Dartmouth with Mo Kenney

By Matt Williams, Via The Blog

Halifax gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. But just a ferry ride across the Halifax Harbour sits another magical city, being its quiet and unapologetic self. Refreshingly rougher around the edges, it’s more than happy with its place just a little outside the Maritime spotlight (shone by a lighthouse, one would assume).

Dartmouth, aka the City of Lakes—some locals also call it Darkside—is Halifax’s sister city. Downtown Dartmouth has very recently experienced a bit of a boom, with hip storefronts moving in next to gritty bars. But for now, the town hasn’t lost any of the charm that makes it a welcome escape from Halifax’s bustling streets.

Here’s the ‘fight me about it’ section of this article. Of the sister cities, Dartmouth has arguably the best coffee (Anchored—get it at Two If By Sea), burgers (Ace Burger, which you can find at Battery Park), and greasy slice of pizza (Yeah Yeahs). And here’s the kicker—every one of those spots are in the same building on Ochterloney Street. But don’t take it from me—I live across the water in Halifax.

For the inside scoop I turned to my pal, local musician Mo Kenney, to get her take on where to go to find a good time on the Darkside. She gladly provides a rundown of her top picks the City of Lakes has to offer. [READ MORE]

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