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With Guitars: Poetic & Punky – Mo Kenney Releases New Single On The Roof

By Christopher Brown, With Guitars

This is the year that Mo Kenney plugs in, the Canadian singer releases the new fast paces single On The Roof taken from album The Details.

Combining elements of bruising rock ’n’ roll, vivid psychedelia, and haunting, left-of-the-dial pop, Kenney navigates the darkest waters in her life with self deprecation, genuine soul baring, and typical black humour with the self-destructive drive of On The Roof exploding out of the gate with blistering intensity.

With her third album, The Details, Mo comes fully and completely into her own as an artist; she swaps her trademark acoustic guitar for a Fender Mustang, tracing her own strange, devastating, and ultimately hopeful trip through the trials and tribulations of booze-fuelled breakdowns, clouds of depression, and disintegrating relationships.

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