10th Anniversary Vinyl Release

“The real shock for me was the immediate impact of Mo Kenney. Having penned the A-side, “Eden”, when they were barely in High School and honestly, it’s hard to not hear the vocal similarities between them and the smoky siren of The Velvet Underground.” – Herohill

“Mo Kenney stares from the cover of their debut album with a Mona Lisa smile — an ambiguous expression that suggests many different feelings. The same elusiveness extends to their music, which is – isn’t really folk, as their numerous acoustic performances would suggest. It isn’t really rock, either, retaining an intimacy even when filled out by a full band. While their demeanour is plain-spoken, Kenney’s first, self-titled album — recorded with the help of Canadian indie rock hero Joel Plaskett — offers a rich array of moods.” – Toro Magazine

“It’s beautiful. It really is. It’s artistically arranged, with the songs flowing into each other, and the music itself is composed skillfully and elegantly; each beat a careful hum, each continuous note an ode to itself and the album as whole. Their voice is smooth and steady; (surely they could chat anybody up with their fluid delivery) their guitar playing is gorgeous; it’s like they have almost some sort of aura that draws us all to their soft songs and their quiet lyrics.” – The Scene Magazine

“It feels awkward to just blurt it out, but Mo Kenney has achieved a craft on the level with artists including Ani DiFranco, Stevie Nicks, Jolie Holland and Neko Case on their self-titled debut. Such a statement feels awkward because the album in question is their first; those other artists had to work for years to refine their talents and chops, but it’s hard not to feel like you’re bearing witness to the birth of a new star when you hear this record.” – Ground Control Magazine